My name is Joseph Aaron Ferriso and I sign my work J.A.F. I am an artist living in the Richmond District of SF for the past seven years. Along with my painting practice and design work, I am also now offering watercolor portraits.


In this age of selfie's, photo booths and digital image sharing I'm hoping to slow down and bring the handmade portrait into the mix. I've been developing my watercolor practice for the past 15 years, working in a small scale format with a limited palette of fine pigments. The portraits which I'm interested in making are notational, delicate and based on observation. They are quick and casual, usually made in about 10 minutes and exhibit an attention to detail while remaining loose and fluid.

I am currently scheduling upcoming events around the Bay Area. Please check my "upcoming events" section for more info.  I am also available for private events and commissioned portraits, please contact me for details.